Friday, November 4, 2016

This Is What It Looks Like When Democracy Dies

You would think there would be some patriotic FBI agents who would name and condemn their colleagues who are leaking to FOX and fueling the anti-Clinton feeding frenzy but so far that hasn't happened.  You would think that someone at the Department of Justice would think their career was of less importance than, you know, DEMOCRACY but that doesn't seem to be the case, either.  

Anyone on the left, in the middle or on the "moderate" right would have realized what we're seeing the FBI do this week, from its Director down to agents who are using its power to work in concert with the most lying alleged journalists in the country to destroy someone and, in the process to destroy democracy in the most effective way, by lying to an effective fringe of voters who can be easily swayed by which ever way the electronic media blows.   

This is a prelude to a police state, this is what it looks like, this is what George Orwell warned against almost seventy years ago.   

It is hard to know how to counter this because those of us who do not own the real media that has a political impact, the electronic media, have no real power except to shout the truth as loudly as we can.  I suppose we might pray for some miracle to save us, if you have some other suggestion, you'd better make it now because this is looking, increasingly like fascism is right at the doorstep.  

The FBI is obviously fully poised to participate in a police state, going after its opponents and enemies with the full power of their resources in concert with the corrupt media.  A police state based in FOX and the FBI doesn't look like some outrageous fantasy right now, imagine if Trump wins or the Republicans retain the Senate.  If the Republicans retain the Senate they have already announced they are prepared to go so far as to destroy the Supreme Court rather than confirm any nominees that, not only a President Clinton would nominate but any Democratic President.  The Heritage Foundation is pushing that, I have no doubt that you'll hear that from the "federalist" fascists and the "originalists" who, somehow, seem to forget that the CONSTITUTION GIVES THE SENATE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO CONFIRM OR REJECT NOT THE RIGHT TO OBSTRUCT.  

This has been one of the most dangerous weeks in the history of the United States, in the history of modern democracy and there is precious little good news as it ends and goes into an even more dangerous one.   So far, other than Hillary Clinton, there has been no hero.  Barack Obama has gone from having his press secretary issue a statement that he didn't believe James Comey acted with the intention to influence the election to making some somewhat less foolish though equally weak response to the reality that that is exactly what he did.  If, by that miracle mentioned above, we end up avoiding the nightmare of a Trump presidency with a Republican-fascist Senate or the almost equally terrible one of a President Hillary Clinton having to face down Republicans in control of both houses, I doubt Barack Obama will have the courage to fire Comey, put him and his rogue agency under criminal investigation and to expose the most dangerous rot in the federal government in its history.   I certainly don't think the allegedly liberal part of the media will be much more than an obstruction in the effort to reign in their lying profession and to at least force it to not promote fascism.  

And I haven't even gone into the role that the Russian oligarchic-fascist crime regime has played in the corruption of the United States or its role in promoting neo-Nazism and neo-fascism in Europe.  We are far past the day when the old Soviet Union was proud of that much, its role in defeating Nazism, now the Russian and some of the shards from that broken vessel are gaming it to try to gain advantage for their own criminal system.  That Marxists went to fascists in such a tiny step certainly gives the lie to all of those pretenses that it was entirely incompatible with its close cousin among dictatorial forms.   You would think our domestic Marxists having generated neo-consevatism, a fascist ideology, would have shown that was a lie, as well.  

I am scared in ways I have not been scared before that my nieces and nephews, and your children and grandchildren might live in a fully fascist United States and so may even those of us old enough to be thinking about our last years.   Anyone who isn't scared to the extent that it forces changing in their thinking are idiots whose every other idea is probably as idiotic as their faith in the impossibility of it happening here, now, under the American Constitution as interpreted by recent courts.  If we, again, by that miracle, dodge the bullet this time and we let things remain as they are, we have just delayed its inevitable future.   The American People have been sold lies and those lies will imprison us.  No miracle of "more speech" has prevented that happening, it enabled the liars, it didn't protect democracy. 

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