Friday, November 4, 2016

Not Hate Mail

"Steve Simels called it a "classy bodice ripper on PBS," 

Well, I guess if you're the kind of person who thinks a bodice ripper can be classy, I'd guess that's your idea of "classy".    I'll bet he watched every episode of Downton Abbey, too. 

I've got to say that this really has got me wondering if, in his senectitude, Simps isn't turning into what he really always wanted to be.  

Update:  Simps has been repeatedly simpering that I'm "making fun of a successful woman".  Well, yeah, successful at producing tons of pulp bodice rippers.  I'd suspect Simels of devouring them like Archie comics but I doubt he has the attention span for that.   Let me break your heart, Simps, I also make fun of Thomas Kincade and Billy Collins.  

Update 2:  Now Simps' girdle's in a twist because I used the word "senectitude."   He claims that it's outmoded.  Well, I don't care, though I know he just made that up.  He makes up a lot of stuff when pressed.  Mostly he just repeats stuff he's heard.   Here, read what it says in "The Thinker's Thesaurus". 

Update 3:  Now he's claiming I'm "gay baiting" him. Considering I'm gay and he's not, that's as stupid as he always gets.  I know lots of fussy, poofy straight men, many of them the kind of city boy who has a secret addiction to romance unprovided by their white-collar jobs.   I'll bet George F. Will shares Simels' passion for these ripping yarns.  I'll bet John Roberts does, too. 

Update 4:  He says "name three"[straight guys other than Simps the Sophisticated who are saps for romantic fiction].   Brian, Vern and Larry come to mind.  Then there's Steve.  Yeah, Steve is a real sucker for romance TV.    Not to mention all of those guys who produce it while being straight men.  Not to mention guys who write that crap, like Julian Fellowes whose big ripper you're pretending to disdain.   And, oh, yeah, the guy Fellowes is said to admire and owe so much to for his literary style, Winston Graham who wrote those Poldark novels who started this whole thing.   There's some connection between the author of Downton Abbey and that series you're so addicted to but, off the top of my head, I can't remember what I read in passing.   You know, Simps, you can find out if those guys were straight married with children by googling them.

Oh, and, Freki talking about lapses in logic is rich.  Of course when she does it it's usually just plain old lying that produces it. She's in Roger Stone's league when it comes to lying.  Not that it bothers the attention deficient Eschatwits.  

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