Wednesday, November 2, 2016

James Comey Is A Criminal His FBI Is Now A Criminal Organization Rivaling The Corruption of the Hoover Period

There can be absolutely no question now, with the dumping of tweets by the FBI concerning Bill Clinton's long-ago pardon of Marc Rich that under James Comey it is being used as an adjunct of the Republican Party in this years political campaign.  He and agents of the highest law enforcement body in the country are illegally inserting it into this on behalf of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, that is so obvious now that it should overcome even President Barack Obama's reluctance to admit that appointing James Comey to that post was a huge mistake. 

It should become an issue in the campaign, the clearly illegal use of the FBI and James Comey's clear decision to try to swing the election to the sleaziest person to have had the nomination of a major party since at least Harding and likely in the history of parties in the United States.  When a person who pretends to uphold the law has done what James Comey and others in the FBI have done, it's time to get some Hercules in to clean out the dirty stable.    It certainly makes the appointment of a special prosecutor necessary.  

I remember reading how the George W. Bush administration was filling up civil service positions with far right ideologues, many of them trained by institutions such as Pat Robertson's Regents University, I strongly suspect what we are seeing is the product of that program being put to the use that it was obviously intended for, to politicize key parts of the federal government on behalf of Republicanfascism.  

This is certainly a huge reason to elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats to the Senate and House, Comey and his out of control and politicized FBI have got to be stopped, anyone in that agency who was a part of politicizing it has to be removed and, if possible, prosecuted for some of the most serious crimes against democracy possible.  Comey is no boy scout, he is a corrupt, self-serving and thoroughly political Republican agent, not an enforcer of the law, not someone who can be trusted to protect democracy from those who would destroy it.   It's clear he's one of those who is hell bent on destroying it in this election.  

The politicization of the FBI has now reached an unprecedented blatancy that probably surpasses the corruption under J. Edgar Hoover.  If this is what Comey and his agents are doing overtly, you can only imagine what they're doing when we can't see what they're up to.   There has to be a special prosecutor assigned, one without Washington DC insider investment in the social pecking order there. It was those people who are to blame for James Comey and his now known to be false legend.   Those were the very same people who have encouraged Democratic administrations to make some of their worst appointments in the past, including many of those made by Bill Clinton.  

I will have plenty to say about how a President elect Hillary Clinton should manage Bill Clinton if we are fortunate enough to have to face that problem.   Though I expect she knows the potential he has to be trouble better than anyone else.   He should be seldom seen, never heard and should have as few official duties or responsibilities as possible.  The trouble he's caused her, it's the least he owes her to stop generating new problems.  I have to wonder why smart guys like him continue to make such stupid decisions that cause their wives such grief.  She's never shown that kind of bad judgment in a quarter of a century of it being possible. 

There should be a backlash against the FBI which is obviously functioning as just another part of the Trump corruption of everything.  If he became president it would never stop rotting and being used ever more blatantly as an arm of his regime.  It could become as dangerous as it potentially could without civil and democratic control.   This is dead serious, this next week is one of the most dangerous our country has ever faced.  

Update:  I know it's a more complex distinction than you're used to making or could possibly make, Simps,  but any vote that Hillary Clinton took as a Senator was of zero political trouble for her husband who was out of office at the time.  I'm going to have to start using a different name when I comment at Media Matters and other places.  You're an Anthony Weiner level jerk. 


  1. The excuse for this release was that it responded to an FOIA request.
    Which is why it was released via a Twitter account that had been dormant for a year, at 4 in the morning.
    Those FOIA deadlines are strict, aren't they?

    1. There is such blatant coordination between people in the FBI and Republicans that the cover has to be blown off. Loretta Lynch is obviously not up to the job of running the Department of Justice, she can't even keep herself out of trouble.

      I'm so disgusted with this, with the role of Barack Obama in getting set up for this that I'm not interested in pretending he wasn't a big part of this. He loves to think he's so sophisticated and savvy but the Republicans have played him, taking every advantage of both his inexperience and his vanity and his weakness for the the trappings of the insider establishment.

      I hope that my suspicion that they are afraid of Hillary Clinton because her experience has made her immune to that kind of manipulation. If we're lucky we'll get to find out. I really hope she can be convinced not to dip into the same dirty pool that Obama and Bill Clinton did.

      I really think the federal government should be divided among different cities in different parts of the country. The DC establishment corrupts just about everyone located there.

  2. I should amend my comment to note the FBI has said the Twitter account in question is automated, and was only restored to service after a year of not functioning, very recently.

    Recently enough to tweet out the Marc Rich report at 4 in the morning. Because it wasn't worth fixing until just now; or they weren't capable of fixing it; or something. but nothing to see here: move along.

    Charlie Pierce has a credible rundown of what's going on in the FBI, and a bit of history about what was going on under Nixon and just before Hoover died. It is, indeed, a mess. And one thing I learned as a lawyer is that there are no accidents; and even when there are genuine accidents, somebody is responsible for the conditions that made the accident possible.