Thursday, November 3, 2016

Make The Media Accountable For Lies Or Democracy Dies

The flood of lies issuing from the FBI to FOX and other venues of lying in the final days of this presidential campaign should be enough to change the minds of some of the fools who figure a nation fed on lies can be free.  

The fact that so many on the so-called left can witness this and still deny that the trouble all started in 1964 when the Supreme Court permitted the media to lie about public figures without risking being sued only shows how the self-interested media has played the left for total suckers.  Unable to "more speech" against the tidal wave of lies - when it wasn't busy lying about Democrats in office themselves - we find our country on the precipice only to have them deny the central role that lying with impunity by the media has played in putting us there, even as the media and the FBI and other Republican-fascist riddled entities send a tidal wave of lies to try to push us over it.  

The superstition of the moderny, secularist voices of the post-war media that, somehow, lies told to tens and hundreds of millions by the self-interested electronic media, owned and run by the rich in their own interest were not going to be stronger than the pathetic, puny ink on paper operations that pushed that nonsense is truly laughable, only the results can only appropriately be wept over.  The whole effect of The Nation, The Progressive, In These Times, The Village Voice, etc. doesn't add up to the power of the third rated commercial broadcast network. 

If we get out of this it is only a matter of time before this situation in which lies rule produces fascism in the United States, if not under a Trump, then under a Pence or a Cruz or any of a number of other overt fascists who the media will lie into office if it means their owners get more money and more power.  

The left that doesn't realize that we either stop the lying with impunity or we lose democracy is a left that has no viability, it is one that deserves to die.  You can quote any number of otherwise admirable or wise people who held that nonsensical idea in the past but it has been given the test of time and it is totally wrong.  That you can only be free if you know the truth is a Biblical truth that has won the argument, the secularist magic formula of "more speech" is a lie in itself.  A lie which has had a huge role in damaging, perhaps fatally, American democracy. 

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