Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Atheist Fad In Passing?

Buzzflash, the news accumulator-commentary site of the left is something I once went through every day but a few years back, disgusted at the anti-religious content of it, I stopped going there.  I happened to wonder what it was up to this morning so I looked at it.  Apparently, if its content is anything to go by, neo-atheism must have peaked as a fad a while back because, where it was ubiquitous when I used to go there, it seems to have vanished.   I don't think I'll go back because it does seem to feature a lot of nonsense surrounding the Sanders campaign which I'm now convinced can only help Republicans.  And I seem to have outgrown the need for an accumulator site like that. 

I went over to AlterNet, one of the premier religion-hating sites and anti-religious stuff is virtually missing from its front page though there is certainly plenty of anti-religious commentary there, the idiotic habits developed during the hey-day of Marxist domination of leftist thinking and, perhaps more so, the rump of lunatic anarchism is still strong among old lefties and, I'm sad to say, way too many young ones.   Among the best things that could happen to the left is the abandonment of Marxism which is anti-democratic in real practice and so should never have been mistaken as an ideology of the left and anarchism which was never anymore than sheer, childish lunacy dressed up to mimic adult talk.  

I haven't gone any farther with the exercise but the contrast is apparent, for today, at least.  


  1. When Brueggemann mentioned Dawkins in passing, I realized it had been a long time since I had heard that name.

    All the "new atheist" energy seems to have passed, leaving little or nothing behind. There are still a few holdouts in comments at Salon, who insist religion is the root of all evil (I guess it causes cancer and crime, too), but they are few and far between. Almost no posts at Salon no fail to distinguish between believers and fanatics.

    Maybe the Pope had something to do with it. But religion bashing as an internet fad seems to have had its day.

  2. Strongly dislike Marxism as an ideology. Always bewildered at how people can romanticise it. It's a very illiberal system of thought, and the austerity of nations which have adopted it as a political system is evidence of its nature.