Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bernie or Busters Are Still Out There And Campaigning For Trump - An Exchange

From what I'm coming to see as the ironically named lefty website, "Truthout".

CoCoLuv9491  Anthony_McCarthy • 8 hours ago

CTR meme #471. "Sanders wouldn't stand a chance after the first week after he got the nomination." Damn those pesky polls that say otherwise. I know... we need to ignore them because... the Red Queen.

Anthony_McCarthy  CoCoLuv9491 • in 2 minutes

First, he lost the most important poll, the popular vote for the nomination. If you think that the universe of those who were likely to vote for him in the general election was better disposed to his campaign than the one which voted in the Democratic primary season that borders on the delusional. Second, I doubt that those who said they were more likely to vote for him knew those items in his past mentioned above and they were certainly not exposed to any kind of sustained airing of those facts. At this point the only candidate who can be said to be widely known in any depth is Hillary Clinton who was publicly subjected to the most sustained questioning and campaign of exaggeration and lies which any living American politician has stood up to.

Polls as a method of divination are certainly inferior to the actual voting of millions of people, if you want to know why, look at the numbers of people who are polled, generally in the low thousands when not an even more obviously inadequate sample. And it asks them to speculate on what they will do months into the future. Compared that to the actual votes of actual voters, polls asserted to tell you anything with any security are a joke.

I'm really interested in how many times the Bernie voters talk about queens and royalty when talking about Hillary Clinton. I smell a strong whiff of misogyny in that, not to mention rank dishonesty. If there is anyone who has not had the royal treatment in American politics, it's Hillary Clinton.

By the way, memes are pseudo-scientific myth, they don't exist. Even Dawkins walked back from them after he invented them.

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