Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Neighborliness Always Means Curbing Some Practices of Privilege and Entitlement From Some"

My piece this morning has not gotten any complaints yet.  I suspect my usual detractors sleep in late on Saturdays.  But here is a recent talk with questions taken in which Walter Brueggemann takes up some of the same ideas in the piece.   He may not agree with me about the privilege of the media to lie with impunity but I certainly think that is one of the things that will have to be curbed if we are even to have a chance of escaping the disaster we are on the verge of.  He mentions the Trump Campaign and, in response to the questions, mentions Bernie Sanders, though he doesn't explicitly endorse him, he certainly endorses some of what he's said.   He also notes that he's realistic enough to know that things are a lot more complicated than simply expecting that things are going to change in a short time, though he anticipates that they may change much faster than people in older age cohorts expect them to.

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