Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hate Mail

Oh, what a big surprise it is not, that someone who thinks they're some kind of great big lefty is upset at me for saying that we shouldn't have any more Ivy League trained lawyers on the Supreme Court.  Apparently it's a tenant of the faith of that left that only Ivy League products have a right to be on the Supreme Court - or maybe it's anxiety at the impiety and blasphemy of someone believing that mere mortals who went to, you know, the kind of university that most of us go to might be able to know how to produce what our Supreme Court, staffed by Ivy League products so seldom has, equal justice for all.  

What a craven, servile attitude that is, the belief, unnamed, that the country is properly under nothing but the colonial administration of the prep-school-Ivy-League class. 

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