Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Hate Mail On What I Wrote About Yesterday

Most women choose to have children, it would seem.  Most women who have children care about the welfare of their children.  Even more care about the welfare of other children, nieces, nephews, etc.  It would seem to me that any feminism that doesn't include those women and their concerns is a feminism of a self-chosen minority who have decided that what is a major issue in the lives of most women is of lesser importance than most women seem to consider it to be.   I can't see how anyone could think that is a wise strategy. 

Considering that all women, those already born as well as those who are to be were once fetuses in their mothers, as were all men, you wonder why they don't make the connection between risks of fetal alcohol syndrome and the welfare of all girls and women.  

That is unless they figure that since they were not losers in that  game of chance it doesn't need to concern them now.  That's hardly a gender based calculation, though I more associate it with ruling class men.  There's a lot of that around, it's the same attitude of those who, having white collar jobs,  pooh-pooh the risks of environmental pollution, exposure to hazardous substances at the workplace, in the food supply, in the water in places like Flint, Michigan where they don't live. It's something I expect to hear from CNBC or FOX or as the subtext for much of what the rest of corporate media puts out.  

I don't have any interest in leftist politics that doesn't take things like those seriously.  I don't think they're going to either get off the ground or be sustainable.  They'll more likely be a hindrance to any politics that has a chance of succeeding. 

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