Sunday, February 7, 2016

NPR Is Useless

The NPR alleged reporter, the Bush II -fawning former White House correspondent and otherwise total hack, Don Gonyea, just delivered one of the stupidest things I've ever heard on that network.

Apparently he didn't bother to do the research and no one has bothered to tell the jerk that The Old Man of the Mountain, that semi-famous bunch of rocks that kinda, sorta, looked like a man's profile, fell off the mountain in 2003 and is a bunch of random rubble on the side of the mountain.  But, then, NPR has had pretty much the same report on the New Hampshire Primary every four years since forever, the names changed, not much else.

And the song, The Old Man of the Mountain isn't about that bunch of rocks.


  1. It was in all the papers! But perhaps I'm biased because we live next door and have driven right through the Old Man's immediate neighborhood a gajillion times (never actually stopped to see the formation before it collapsed, though).

  2. To be fair, the Old Man is still on the state route signs...

  3. Still on the state's quarter, too.

    But whenever I see that quarter I remember it fell down years ago. And I've never been to New Hampshire.