Sunday, February 14, 2016

Republican Racism On Full Display For Everyone To See In Denying President Obama's Responsibility To Nominate Scalia's Replacement

Considering the various stands Antonin Scalia took while he was on the Supreme Court of the United States, that there was no right of an innocent person to NOT BE EXECUTED for a crime he or she didn't commit, that gruesome, horrific pain is a mere nothing in the orderly operation of the judicial murder process which is capital punishment, that there is no right to vote or to have votes count, stands against the most basic rights of women to the ownership of their bodies, his votes to return black people and members of other minority groups to lesser status than that enjoyed by the wealthy white men who his entire career served and a whole range of other objectively evil stands he took, knowing that he had lifetime tenure in a position of power from which he could enjoy hurting people, destroying their rights and lives, quite literally, I don't regret saying about him what I did yesterday. He was an evil man who relished doing evil, masking it in the pretty, formal language of the law.  

And that is the kind of man who Senators such as Chuck Grassley and the rest of the racist-Republican Party think is a fitting member of the Supreme Court.   That is the kind of person they have chosen to put on the court when someone other than a Black Democrat has nominated them. 

The Republicans will prevent President Barack Obama from naming the replacement for Scalia on the Court even though the Constitution they are sworn to uphold couldn't be clearer on it being his choice as the twice-elected President of the United States to name members of the Court, a privilege of office that no Republican I can remember ever saying didn't belong to a Republican who was President, not the criminal, Nixon or Reagan who nominated men who were clearly not suited to the position or, in the case of Robert Bork whose political philosophy and performance in previously held offices proved he had no business being nominated to the highest court in a democracy.  

Republicans wouldn't ever try to pull this on a white man who had a year left in his term as the overwhelmingly twice-elected President.   

This is the white ersatz whipped cream topping on their white layer cake of turning the first Black President into a 3/5th president if not less.   Racism was their strategy in 2008, it was their immediately implemented campaign against him even before he took office, even as he bent over in every possible way to placate them.  The Republican Party is the foremost institution of racism in the United States, it must be fought on those terms, a coalition of members of all minorities have to understand that we are at war with them, we and the majority of The People of all identities who are not the rich, white men who they serve.   

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