Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hate Mail - I really don't know how any of them were granted degrees.

One of the stupider people who troll this blog, a particularly silly little bint, has made some snarky, incoherent accusation about me in regard to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.  It didn't cohere so I really can't say more than that about it.  I would guess it has something to do with the lecture by Walter Brueggmann I posted last night having been given in a Baptist Church from North Carolina.  

Well, if the silly gal had bothered to listen to the lecture and heard the questions from the audience, something I would assume is beyond her attention span to have done, she might, might, notice that the people in the audience were not Jerry Falwell's kind of Baptists.  They are considerably to the left of her and her fellow idiot atheists who were snarking about what I posted.   Not to mention that Walter Brueggemann is a minister in the United Church of Christ, one of the most liberal institutions in the United States, religious OR SECULAR.  

Update:  You'd think that the fact that the pastor is a woman would have been a slight clue as to the kind of Baptists were sponsoring the lecture. 


  1. Pearls before swine is, I think, the phrase you are looking for.

    1. Yeah, but I figured I needed some filler.

      What's especially telling is that Brueggemann was critical of the UCC and other churches because they weren't radical enough on a consistent basis. You'll never hear that kind of internal criticism of atheism or other anti-religious entities.

    2. There are arguments about who is atheist enough, or who is a "true atheist."

      But self-criticism? Never. It's always finger pointing.

    3. And at the end of his talk, before the questions, he confesses that he falls short of his theme, himself. It was extraordinary, something which you seldom hear outside of a religious context.

  2. To materialists of a bigoted stripe, every single person who believes in some kind of deity or spiritual component to reality is exactly the same. "Believers" are an incredibly diverse group, but prejudiced people jam us all into their little cartoon villain box.