Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hate Mail

Oh, yeah, you can tell how Brueggemann is a reactionary in that lecture when he says things like this. 

We now live in a world that is dominated by market ideology in which the only thing that counts is to produce, consume and to get your hands on lots of commodities and keep them for yourselves.  

The ideology of commodity is fundamentally hostile to the Christian virtues of hospitality, forgiveness and generosity.

I take as a sign of that our diminishment of food stamps recently and our sense that the poor are not entitled to anything in our economy because they are not contributors. 

Perhaps I'll get around to transcribing more of what he said later. 


  1. Brueggemann is a reactionary?

    You're arguing with the peanut gallery, with motley fools, with children too young to read or think.

    1. More and more I think of them as the untelligentsia. I'm adding filters to my e-mail to make them disappear, it's not as if they aren't everywhere to remind you of their existence.

      And lent is just around the corner. I liked what Brueggemann said about that in the talk, as well.

      I'm going through a rough patch, right now. It's making me really cranky. They sent my brother home to die and I'm the only one he could stay with.

    2. Sorry to hear about your brother. God's peace be with you.

      And I'm just surprised at how dumb the peanut gallery is. Maybe I shouldn't be.