Monday, January 25, 2016

Hate Mail

I don't care what people at a blog of little brain who don't bother reading what I wrote say about what they imagine I said.   

If they wanted me to worry, they'd point out what I said that was wrong.   

Intellectual incest, I didn't really understand there was such a thing until I saw what happens to an interbreeding blog community after a dozen or more years. 

Update:  Everything that stupid bint says only proves my point. 

Update 2:  That's not thinking, it's eschatautology: endless repetition of the common received and ineffective POV combined with self-congratulation over that repetition.  

Update 3: 

Elegy On A Kewl Kid

He's spittle drenched, outraged and peeved,
“He's flouted the wisdom, received”
It's simply too easy,
To make the boy queasy,
Just question what must be believed. 

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