Friday, January 29, 2016

Consider Yourselves Filtered

Materialism is a faith held by people in such ignorance of the nature of their ideology or in your kind of sheer, shallow stupidity and emotional denial of reality that you can't admit it. That's one thing that most religious folks have over almost all atheists, they admit that they believe, that they take things on faith.  Religious folk are mostly more realistic than you guys, it is a minority who aren't.   Perhaps there is a logical fallacy to be named that atheists widely share with many fundamentalists, the stand that they know what they hold as a matter of faith on the basis of emotional desire.  Only among atheists, there is the pretense that it is a truth of science when it is no such thing.  

I've got too much to deal with in real life now to keep on going over the same stuff I've presented in exhaustive detail to refute the errors of such idiots as you and the rest of the kiddies in places like Duncan Blacks play pen for superannuated atheists.  You never read anything you don't agree with, anyway and you are an ever diminishing clique of conceited dolts that he maintains for his own profit.  I suspect his age demographic is older than that of any of the cabloid "news" outlets.   Look at his archive, after a promising start he's contented himself with going through the motions for about the past decade, any mentions of his two or so neologisms by the like of Glenn Greenwald or Paul Krugman is an elegy to the ruins of the baby blue blog.    His major efforts these days, his vaunted two sentence posts, are not even as clever as most tweets you hear about.   If I were an Atriot I'd baselessly accuse him of being a lush, at least. 

Update:  Are you so illiterate that you can't understand that last sentence?  It wasn't an accusation that Atrios is an alchy (or however that's spelled) it's noting that if I followed the same standards of evidence that his online community practice, virtually every day since he started up his blog, I'd make that accusation.   I have no idea why the golden boy of Media Whores Online got lazy and stopped doing anything other than going through the motions.  If it was a result of too much "Drinking Liberally" one of his former favorite quick post topics,  or "Happy Hour" another of his favorite automatic posts, I have no idea.   Though I hope it's not the case.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  

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