Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Is Your Life Of The Mind On Materialism

I will condense the great non-attempt of two typical neo-atheists to respond to my questions produced so far as no real answers to the questions posed were given.

What was asserted are a good example of how when confronted with problems for their ideology, the typical atheist response is to a. try to change the subject to something they can dismiss, b. trash-talk, c. brow-beating, d. psyching out.  

As I had to point out to "Skeptic Tank" this ain't Eschaton and I'm not going to be intimidated by people who can't even focus on the question at hand.   

When you come right down to it, that's always been the method of logical positivism, the last, dying gasp of positivism as an intellectual pose retained as it goes into being a dogmatic habit of ideology among those who don't even know what it's called.   The declaration that things that are coherent are incoherent, that questions that are quite understandable are "meaningless" that kind of the intellectual equivalent of the scripting of pro-wrestling is what's left of the intellectual tradition in the control of materialists. They embody the conclusion I reached that materialism is, in the end, nihilistic, anti-intellectual and sustainable only through such dishonest tactics.  

Is it any wonder that today's academics are held in so much less repute than those of the past when this kind of thing accounts for such a high percentage of the results of their activities?   

Update:  When I was talking about the intellectual tradition I didn't mean a scribbler like Sims.  He's more like an incompetent rodeo clown than a tag team wrestler. 

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