Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Charles Tomlinson Griffes - Poem for Flute and Orchestra

Jacques Zoon, flute
Boston Civic Symphony
Max Hobart, conductor

I remember when Jacques Zoon came to play with the Boston Symphony late in the last century how excited people were to have him playing a wooden flute with the orchestra, how different its rich, darker timbre was, subtle differences can be big differences.  It's too bad he left that position.  He looks so young in this performance from fifteen years ago.  It's a pretty great performance, with a really deep feeling for the structure of the sound and of the piece, to say it's beautiful doesn't do it justice.

Zoon has constantly experimented with modifications of flute design, from what I can hear and gather his new design for the c# hole is a huge and long needed improvement.  Like I said, subtle differences can be big differences.

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