Friday, September 18, 2015

After A Hard Week Dealing With Middle-Schoolers E-Mail Full of Middle-Brow Droolers

Good heavens, considering her pretenses of being a working scientist I have to wonder how she finds the time to gossip and seek attention over there.  Obviously the lab isn't engaged in important work that needs to get out.  

You can tell the dim dolly I haven't posted a comment on Eschaton in more than three years.  I'm banned, Atrios banned me  the same day I said I wasn't going to bother with the place anymore.  I could look up the treads, it was when he decided to show how kewl and klassy he was about The Aristocrats.   And you can tell back-beat Erin the same thing.  It's a sad day when Simels has a better ear than you do.  If Sims and his buddies ignored my existence I'd never find occasion to mention any of you, not in this life.   

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