Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bury Windows 8

While I was at school, I left my computer to install Windows 10, after having hated Windows 8 more than I can ever remember hating Dos - back then who realized just how really awful edlin was?  

I haven't used it enough to find out why I'm going to hate 10 but some of the more annoying features of 8 are gone, my friggin' computer doesn't jump around nearly as much, I assume that having something to do with the damned touch-screen features I thought I was avoiding.  

It's nice to see that the insane innovations in start-up-shut down have been reigned in, as well as that damned right side-bar and the rectangle in the lower left that would jump out at me many times an hour, as if I had to be reminded of how to know, again, what the date was and where search and the settings button was.  

This isn't a review, more of a tentative sigh of relief.  Now, if they'd get rid of the damned "Insert" mode, the use of which has eluded my understanding for the past thirty-five or so years.   I don't know anyone who's ever talked about using it. Not even the geeky guys.  

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