Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hate Mail - I've got to go to work in a few minutes

but I want to say that Duncan Black could save himself some trouble by taking down the comments libeling me on his website, today.   I am reaching the limit of the testing of my better intentions in that regard.

Update:  I'm told that the question of a named person repeatedly libeling another named person on a blog has not been litigated for questions of responsibility, though that's not what I had in mind, it's worth thinking about.


  1. Your name is You Know Who and Sparky?


  2. They are when you quote parts of what I write. I have comments from Duncan made on his own website that show he knows who you meant as well as others.

    If he's depending on that ruling about unmoderated websites, he removed himself from that category by banning people from his comment threads and posting about him banning people. I'd be really curious about what could be discovered in a discovery process.

    You do know that you aren't protected by that ruling since you are the one who is making the comments under your own name. What am I saying? "You do know?" Well, it is a figure of speech.

    Duncan Black is a publisher of known lies. I think he deserves to be held accountable for that.

  3. You didn't state it as your opinion,you stated it in the form of a fact, even though it is objectively a lie. And you got other people on Duncan's website to agree with you, people who had never read what I said. And, as I mentioned, Duncan moderates his website by banning people. I would imagine there are still a few people around who care about the truth who would be interested in that being discouraged. I will be asking around about them.