Monday, June 15, 2015

Doing The Week in Pop, uh, "Culture" In About 20 Seconds

- What a convenient pose for a comedian to take whenever a joke bombs.  No wonder Jerry Seinfeld is taking it.  I never thought he was funny. 

- I am not qualified to judge what Rachel Dolezal did, it's not my right as a white person, it's the right of black people to decide that.  Other than that the only question I've got is if she did a good job.   

And I still never thought Jerry Seinfeld was funny.

Apparently Rachel Dolezal is the Josh Duggar of this week.

Update:  I thought Jerry Seinfeld was a douche bag before thinking Jerry Seinfeld was a douche bag was cool.   And I didn't think it then because it was cool to.   He is seriously not funny.   I'd as soon call David Brooks a wit. More about which, later in the week. 

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