Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Post Script To Monday's Post

I left out one of the larger problems for the materialist mind in my post the other day.  In addition to the materialists' proposed model of the brain having to construct exactly the right physical thing that would be the materialists' "real" idea, a physical construct, when, by their description, the idea couldn't already be present to inform the brain of how to do that, it would also have to immediately construct exactly the right physical construct to be the physical thing to be that idea before it existed in the brain.

It would have to know HOW to construct exactly the right THING, in all of its nuances, in all of its complexity, correctly to work precisely with whatever other THINGS our ideas, our methods, our previous knowledge were and to do all of this not only virtually immediately but by all practical purposes, immediately.

It would have to construct exactly the right form of thing to make no matter how new and novel the idea was, no matter how fantastic, if it were a thing never known of or suspected before or an idea which had never existed in a human or animal mind or, indeed, for ideas about "things" that were not part of the actual, physical universe.  And, remember, it would have to know how to do that even as it didn't have the information already present to do that with.

That would be as true of ideas we later decide are inadequate or wrong as it would ideas we, somehow, got right, immediately.  Don't forget that those decisions and whatever we might list as subheadings of those decisions are also ideas, are also THINGS that the materialist brain model proposes the brain constructs.  In order for them to work, decisions evaluating our thoughts would have to be correct, noticing that an idea has problems with it, also dependent on decisions and evaluations.

And it would have to do that, unerringly, continually, hundreds, perhaps tens of thousands of times a day.

What the "brain only" ideology does is attribute god-like powers to our brains that our experience, the thing which they propose is the product of their god-like brain, proves to be absurd.  It proposes that our brains have abilities that the materialists, themselves, would be the first to assert are impossible.  It is double-talk.

Their model mind, when looked at critically and in detail makes the "brain only" mind look like an extremely unlikely, even preposterous idea which its proponents have never really thought about very rigorously.   Its acceptance is a matter of faith is absolutely like the faith of those who conclude that the Earth and all of life were created in about 144 hours based on their founding a priori belief that the words of the King James translation of the book of Genesis are literally true. Only when it's materialism that is the a priori foundation of things, rigorous thought about it isn't permissible.   And their faith is protected by invoking the name of science.   But they aren't going to be able to avoid  these questions forever.

The old model of "Enlightenment" and, even more so, 19th century, materialist scientism has brought the world such enormous evils, eugenics, scientific racism which supported the then dying evils of  economic racism,  gender discrimination, the same with scientific support for economic inequality and castes,  the continual threat of nuclear obliteration, the environmental suicide that the extraction industries and others - including the nuclear industry - have made not only possibilities but which are actually happening and ongoing, that materialism's basic assumptions will be regarded rigorously as they have not been before.  There is no more basic problem with materialism than its demotion of people, even our minds, into mere objects properly analyzed in terms of efficiency and utility.   You might gain your iPhone but you've surrendered your soul.

Materialism is a totally unsustainable atheist faith that can't stand up to rigorous criticism.  Believe me, if you do criticize any facet of materialist religion you will evoke an angry response and shunning, you won't get much in the way of attempts at refutation because the idea of looking at their own faith critically at its foundations seems to have never occurred to them.   It is well past time that its true believers were forced to face up to the fact that their model is as absurd as it is, based in contradictions, illogic and impossibilities.   It rests on the hypocritical assertion that materialism, in the form of science,  is the crown of human intellectualism as it asserts that human minds are not free but are an illusion and an epiphenomenon of the random working out of local physics and concentrations of chemicals.  Under their ideological system, even the dignity they claim is rightfully owed to the science they revere is an illusion.  That's the result of their claims, not mine.  So don't blame me for that being a logical conclusion of their claims.

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