Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Thaw

I think I found why my computer was freezing, for some reason I activated a tool bar on Google that was put there by my malware protection software.   I took it off and, for now, things are working.   Apparently it's not an unknown reason for computer freezing.  And here I thought it was a virus I'd picked up in my researches when it was what was supposed to prevent that. 

We'll see if that was it. 

1 comment:

  1. Blame the fairies for staying too long on their coffee break. That honestly makes as much sense as some of the diagnoses of computers I've gotten.

    My favorite was on a local radio show by three "experts." They seemed to know their stuff, but they agreed computers got "old" and "worn out" and needed to be replaced from time to time. Kind of like cars used to be (when 100,000 miles was equivalent to living to 150). Except cars are mechanical and mechanical devices do suffer wear, and the only mechanical part of a computer used to be the hard drive.

    Still, it's true, computers do seem to "wear out" (I have a notebook that has failed me for reasons it isn't worth paying to diagnose, especially since the diagnosis probably won't be any more enlightening than what I've quoted). Why? Who the hell knows?

    Which means I know as much about it as the "experts" do.