Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hate Mail - Stupid and Dishonest

Actually, it was the blog atheists who blamed Dr. George Tiller for his murder by blaming his murder on Christians, indiscriminately.  That is his murder as he ushered at his Reformed Lutheran Church service.  

I gave up trying to figure if blog thread atheists were stupid or just entirely dishonest because people like you showed me that those weren't mutually exclusive but generally mutually reinforcing.  

Asserting that is relevant to my comments about Katha Pollitt's disgusting column praising those bigots who provoke murderous violence only adds weight to that observation.   Her column is like those websites that encouraged the atmosphere that led to deadly violence against Tiller and other abortion providers, only in Muslim majority countries, most likely and most predictably.  I'm sure she feels far safer sitting where she is than so many in so many other places. 

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