Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hate Mail 2: Redux

Leave it to my little off hand remark about the dear old commies of our childhood being liars to get the biggest reaction.  Well, they were lying about the Rosenbergs being innocent of trying to give Stalin the bomb.  What do you want me to do, pretend we don't know that now?    I don't care who else bought the lie back then, how otherwise admirable they were.  They were as duped as we all were or they were in on the lie.  The people who pushed that on us are a bunch of liars who never deserved our belief.  We know that now too.

Other than what you obviously consider the insignificant detail of the many tens of millions of people who were murdered under Communist governments, the hundreds of millions who were oppressed and at times enslaved by those governments, among the others damaged by them were those who could have benefited by reforms that were successfully prevented by those who created a false association with those and the red-fascist regimes.  Including many aspects of socialism.  Socialism, as an idea and a word is so damaged by that association that I don't think it can ever be used again.  Which is a genuine tragedy and a crime in itself.

You can leave that behind and go either the one baby-step from one form of despotism into  that advocated by the far right, as so many ardent Marxists have in the past, or you can leave it for a more genuine left that doesn't put a dictatorial, anti-democratic ideology before morality and democracy.  I exited to the left, buddy and am not at all sorry I did.  I only regret I wasted so much time on junk I should have seen through from the beginning.

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