Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Paul Elkins' Wonderful Inventions

I have got the opposite of wanderlust but once in a while I wish I could get used to sleeping where there is noise and bugs and not much between me and the thunder and lightening... OK, I'm scaring myself out of it.  

You might like watching Paul Elkins' great videos about his tiny, really, really tiny huts, small, vehicles and boats  and even his teeny-tiny survival kits much smaller than an Altoids tin. He's more the Burning Man type, not the prepper type.  But this one, a Coroplast (what they make campaign signs out of these days) streamlined bicycle camper is really tempting.

Even got the old campaign signs, saved up in case any of these guys run again. They don't know I took them from the ones they were sending to recycling so they won't be missed.  They'll probably change their campaign colors. .  I've even got the Reflextic aluminized bubble wrap insulation-light reflector.   I am really tempted to build one of these and take to the open road.  Or at least the tote road up to my garden in case I've got to discourage raccoon when my corn gets to the milk stage.  Maybe if I put a chicken wire fence around it to slow down bears.   I haven't seen the bears but I'm told there are some in the woods.  They come after my corn, they're welcome to it.

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