Monday, July 14, 2014

Stream of Consciousness

Thinking of Carl Ruggles piece posted below got me thinking of other pieces by him, he didn't write all that many, all of them great pieces, some of those masterpieces by any honest measure.  Anyway, I thought of his orchestral suite Men and Mountains, which got me thinking of the largely forgotten writer Dorothy Canfield Fisher.  She was a neighbor of his in Vermont and I read somewhere that she was the one who suggested the title "Lilacs" for the middle movement, something about the bass lines reminded her of how lilacs grow all tangled together.

Anyway, that got me thinking of the collection of her stories I bought at the Goodwill store in Sanford, Maine decades ago and, especially, the most interesting of those stories,  Sex Education.   As luck would have it, the story is posted online with a bit of not bad at all commentary, though the story is a good one without the comment.  The commentator says she's a forgotten writer, which is too bad because she was a good writer and should be read.

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