Sunday, July 13, 2014

Demand A Return of The Sabbath

It's been an exhausting week with a new job, the gardening, trying to get the minimum of practicing in, in case I can get back to where I can be a musician again (longer recovery from the accident than I'd anticipated).  

The Sabbath is one of the greatest gifts that the Hebrew tradition gave humanity, one of those things which capitalism and stinking commerce duped people in the English speaking world into giving up so they could push us ever more to make money for them, to give up our own lives in service to their greed.  Of course, for some of us it's also given up because we have to do our own work and the work for our families during the few hours that our laboring ancestors managed to grasp back from the owners and bosses and corporations.   Ah, yes, those neo-persons, those judicially created "persons" with vastly more power and the proven ability to crush mere people and living beings (animals benefited from the Sabbath as well)  and entire environments and eventually the world under its enormous boots that the Roberts court is placing, solidly, on our necks.

As a beginning, a mere beginning, we must start grabbing back what the retailers and others duped us out of giving up, the Sabbath, if not the entire weekend, as much of it as we can get back, pushing for what the French and Germans have wisely kept, up till now.   Of course, Jesus wisely pointed out that people were not made for the Sabbath but that the Sabbath was made for people.  Isn't it odd that so few of those always eager to assert their fidelity to the scriptures so easily ignore one of the most important parts of that tradition,  one that couldn't possibly be older and more important all through the tradition and in The Book.  Only, not if you take that gift to Mammon as an indication of their true God.

What God gave us, we shouldn't let Mammon rob us of.  It's the religious duty of those who believe in The Sabbath, either on Saturday, Sunday or Friday, to insist on having that day for ourselves and the other Sabbaths for those to whom those belong.  I'd say that two days or one and a whole half day is preferable, not to mention a living wage being paid for a reasonable working day with no extra hours robbed from workers, their children and their families.  

For those who don't feel comfortable with demanding it in religious terms - and for all of us, too,  here, reclaim the heritage your ancestors worked, bled and died for.

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