Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quick Lunchtime Post Good Grief! Bring Back Feminism

Jenny Kutner, "an assistant editor at Salon, focusing on sex, gender, love and feminism,"  has another stupid piece based on a bogus "study" entitled

Women who post sexy photos to social media are seen as less competent
A new study finds the virgin/whore dichotomy concentrated in a new place: Young women's profile pictures

Not going to bother boring you with the details of the bogus "study," you can go read it yourself if you want to take that kind of punishment.  I'll say what I said there.

I'll bet you one class of people who think that women, or men for that matter, who post or send sexy porny photos of themselves online are those women and men who did so and lived to regret it.  I wish I had a dollar for everyone one of them who said, belatedly, "I was so stupid to do that".   I'd be rich enough to start an online magazine to rival Salon.   And it's not just young women who pay a price for that kind of thing, males do, as well and they are just as stupid to do it.   I'll bet Anthony Wiener had such thoughts. 

People who send smutty photos of themselves out into the world are, in the words of so many of them, "really stupid".

[Sigh!]  I remember when feminism meant that women were finally demanding to be seen as full human beings, not objects, not items to be consumed and used and used up, which is what all smut is, inevitably, based in.   Now it's so compromised with the worst of male supremacy, the porn-prostitution industry, that it encourages young women to turn themselves into objects to be used by men.   See last weekends' post about how one of the original professional liars convinced women to smoke as a mark of their liberation to see how A MAN IN THE MEDIA INDUSTRY can convince large numbers of women to do stupid things that end up in their oppression and even death.

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