Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From My E-Mail In Box

MADISON (WKOW) -- A coalition of church organizations launches a campaign demanding reforms within the State Department of Corrections.

Wisdom kicked off its "Reform Now" campaign at the state capitol on Wednesday.

The group says the D.O.C. is failing to parole nearly 3,000 inmates who they believe should be released.

Jerry Hancock, the Prison Ministry Project Director with the United Church of Christ says, "These inmates cost the state of Wisconsin $96 million a year, if that money were invested in treatment alternatives or diversions, it would save the state of Wisconsin almost $200 million."

Wisdom plans to hold monthly news conferences through October to draw attention to a number of prison issues


  1. Unpossible! According to Salon and the 200+ highly intelligent comments there, all Xians are hung up on the 10 Commandments and, being religious, are wholly incapable of reason or human compassion because they're like, all hung up on Bronze Age morality, duuude, and everybody knows religion has nothing to do with morality because like morality doesn't need religion, like, ya know.

    And besides, religious people are stoopid, and like that....

  2. There are days I think the best thing Christians can do is to be Christian and to point out other Christians being Christians. The lesson of the popularity of Pope Francis, after two clericalist-legalist popes is that Christianity is massively popular, when it's real. Then there are other days when I'm bad and I want to scrap over it. And I'm a really bad one.

  3. Interestingly, just noticed a Catholic church that opened within the past few years, with (reportedly) a former Episcopal priest given dispensation to be Catholic while married. Beautiful stone chapel, and now they're doubling the size of the place.

    Given the neighborhood and the state of most non-Pentacostal/non-Hispanic (the same thing here) churches in the area, I was stunned; but pleasantly surprised, too.

    And I agree with what you said; real Christianity is good enough to be popular, but then I feel like fighting (or at least siting the stoopid), so I go once again to Salon....

    When will I ever learn?