Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My exchange with "kogwonton" would seem to have just reached something of a denouement,  I'll let you read as he proves my case.

kogwonton  Anthony_McCarthy • 10 minutes ago
There is no moral obligation to do anything at all unless one cares enough. You have failed to show that human rights have any origins with divine mandate. The proof of your religious precepts having a very human source is utterly massive. You fail.

Anthony_McCarthy  kogwonton • a minute ago
Oh, you mean I can stand by and watch while some crackpot goes into some meeting of atheists and starts blasting away like Yosemite Sam and I'm only required to try to stop him only if I care enough. Or I can let some legislature somewhere make it a capital crime to promote atheism and I don't have to do anything about it unless I care to.

Well, I'm sure that the crackpots of the world will be happy to know that they're not bound by anything except what they care about.

Like I said, atheism is incapable of producing morality, whenever atheists whine about some moral wrong done to them they have to sneak back to religion to steal the things they're whining with.

I should let you know I posted a good part of this exchange on my blog earlier today and this makes a fitting end to it so I'm going to post this exchange as well. It proves my case better than if I'd put QED before it. Or. say, that's a good title for it.

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  1. The only atheist I've known to take the question of ethics seriously was Sartre. And his answer was so burdensome (but logically consistent) I'm not surprised you can't find an atheist familiar with it.

    Sartre I respect. These guys? Good grief.