Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Encounter With a "Theology Major"

Gerry  Anthony_McCarthy • 17 hours ago −
having read the relevant letters of Matthew Mark Luke and John , also don't bother lying about them being the ones that wrote those letters to the Corinthians , those books and letters were written well after the fact also( and as for your King James version of the bible and even the new christian version both were written a thousand and even two thousand years after the fact). initially written by scribes writing what the popes dictated to them. omitting what they thought to be damaging to their cause to further enrich themselves with property and slaves. the bible is written to control the masses that is all and if you are that weak that you need a book and an imaginary friend to tell you how to behave you are a pretty sorry person. I know how to behave and do right by those that deserve it with out all the fairy tales and hoopala.

Anthony_McCarthy  Gerry • 13 hours ago
Oh, dear. You must have missed the point that they wrote GOSPELS NOT EPISTLES. And Corinthians, is attributed to Paul You are so obviously lying about having read it that I'm not even going to bother answering your tripe on that.

If you weren't such an idiot you might take a guess from my name that I was not raised a protestant and so we didn't use the King James translation.

As I said, CFI must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel these days, not that it was ever a terribly deep barrel to start with.

Gerry  Anthony_McCarthy • 2 hours ago
yeah that's why theology was my major in college. and I see nothing in your "name" that would indicate you are nothing but a know nothing, think you know it all, christian, regardless of the denomination. so I suppose you are going to tell me now that you were raised catholic??? so was I but I got smart and left that superstitious crap behind 45 years ago.

Anthony_McCarthy  Gerry • 2 hours ago
"Theology was my major in college"
What "college" was that, MatchBox U? Oh, yes, I am entirely prepared to believe that a "theology major" would make the mistake of believing Matthew, Mark, Luke, wrote letters and that one of them wrote Corinthians. And I'm prepared to believe that Penn Jillette is a great figure of science on the same basis. Not to mention the stupid idea that someone named "Anthony McCarthy," obviously, on the basis of his statements not a fundamentalist protestant, was likely to be devoted to the King James translation of The Bible.

Theology major, your ass, you're a rent-a-troll hired by CFI or some other ideological interest group.

Gerry  Anthony_McCarthy • 2 hours ago
my comment about Matthew., Mark, Luke and John was generalized for your simple mind to comprehend. so where did you attend grade school ? that seems to be the extent of your education. in no way could you have even graduated high school with that ignorant mind set.,
I suspect you are the hired troll as you have done nothing more than insult and spread dribble, and try to make others engage in arguments. names mean nothing to me as to what your mama taught you. I too grew up catholic but realized soon enough that it was all superstition and bull shit and learned to think for myself and dismissed all the antiquated theories and stories, which is what any intelligent being that is capable of having a mind of their own would do. . not some brain washed idiot that has nothing but insults and lies to comment with.
I see nothing in your comments that indicates that you actually have any knowledge or intelligence what so ever as all you have done is repeat something you read in some noncredible book or saw on a site. nothing that shows you have the intelligence to think for yourself at all.
and you still haven't proven to me that your bible is all truth because you can't. you are like all the rest of the jesus freaks, you avoid the questions that are too hard for your little mind to answer.

Anthony_McCarthy  Gerry • 2 minutes ago
You already dug that hole to bedrock and back filled it over you, composting it with more bull shit won't do anything to get you out of it. You don't know anything about the New Testament, no one who did, never mind someone who had gone to Catholic schools or majored in theology, would have made those hilariously stupid statements.

Paul Kurtz was a noted cheapskate, his sugar daddy, the last Stalinist, Corliss Lamont really pulled back the sugar after he made such a botch in the sTARBABY affair. Apparently CFI is still buying its propagandists on the cheap.

Just to let you know, ger, I'm copying this and posting it as a humorous post on my blog. Say something even stupider so my readers can get another laugh out of it.


  1. Two thoughts: one: wow, did you find the motherlode of ignorant. This one can't even be talked to.

    2) that Tarico article you mentioned at Alternet came up on Salon (I never get over to Alternet, and often just scan the front page at Salon). My first thought, on seeing the title, was: "Who said you need religion to live a meaningful life?" Granted, that's the argument of Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein, and I wouldn't throw them over lightly; but their argument is not the one Tarico thinks she's responding to.

    I mean, sweet heavenly crap, these people are still fighting fights that were settled in the 19th century. It's almost like the intertoobs are a time machine, except all it can do is keep making us go backwards.

    Granted, I've never heard of an atheist saint, or someone committing themselves to atheism a la Merton, or Mother Teresa, or Julian of Norwich, or....well, anyway, "meaningful life" needs more than a bit of definition before we go off arguing where it comes from and what provides it, but once again atheism isn't about being anti-Christian, because....

    Well, because why, exactly? I'm not interested in compiling reasons, but all the atheist arguments I come across on the internets (when they aren't as stupid as this guy above) are always just anti-Christianity.

    I mean, to be anti-Judaism would be anti-Semitic, right? And anti-Hindu? Anti-Islam? Why do I never see anything about how Judaism is a crock?

  2. Adding: this "argument" reminds me of a conversation I entered into about the Gallup poll on the 40% of Americans who "don't believe in evolution."

    The number is about right, but it's been at that level since at least 1982, when Gallup started asking the question. Not exactly the high water mark of Ken Ham and Creationism, in other words. A testament more to poor public education than anything else. It was a fixed idea in 1982, and nothing has happened to "unfix" it for the same percentage of the populace.

    The poor grasp of even basic facts runs rampant on both sides, in other words. If I am disturbed by it, I'm disturbed by what it says about our ability to educate anyone, and to teach them to think in even the most elementary of manners.

    You can't fix stupid, but sometimes I think we just inculcate it.