Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is It Any Wonder It Makes Me Feel Like I'm Mocking The Retarded If I Answer His Comments?

Comparing Hans Kung to Tim Minchin reminds me of the time I came across an online forum where people were condemning Einstein and his theories of relativity on the sound basis that their great hero, or, rather, their imagination of him, Nikola Tesla was a firm opponent of them and not on them having the slightest understanding of either except what they'd gleaned of Tesla's legend from, first and foremost, sci-fi and other presentations of him in entertainment, second, on the basis of the most vapid of pop history and biography.  As it was an online forum dedicated to the legend of Tesla, they were strongly anti-Einstein.   Needless to say, most of them, as Tesla apparently couldn't, could not navigate the mathematics needed to understand Einstein.  But at least both of those men had actually produced something in life other than a boring, pseudo-Brechtian (more like George Carlinian) pseudo-cabaret act that owes more to the movie of that name than it does anything else and which is entirely unchallenging and cowardly in the way so much atheist critique of religion instead of where the real power that does evil is. 

It was a lot like the online spats between the devotees of Macs and PCs when those got down to a battle of the legend of Bill Gates and Mr. i-god, himself, Steve Jobs.  As I've mentioned somewhere, recently, and, no doubt, here before, that when Jobs was breathing his last and his devotees were decrying that he died as the evil Bill Gates lived, someone, alas, not I, said, "Yeah because providing you with your next shiny new toy is a so more worthy way to spend your time than curing malaria."   Wish I'd said that  I just mocked them for being a bunch of over-the-hill atheist slackers worshiping i-god. 

Tim Minchin is the kind of guy who would "edit" their own Wikipedia bio - which I believe he did.  Who else would go on and on at such length about him.  He is a boring, dime-a-dozen superficial slammer of religion who entertains idiots of whom there are at least a dozen for every dime.

Update:  If your village is out of idiots, check at Eschaton, they've got one they don't seem to need.


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    1. A forgettable Aussie entertaner who does a sort of pseudo-Brechtian act with long straggly blond (does he or doesn't he?) hair and dark eye makeup and lots of leather who more or less just goes on with George Carlin's 'ligion hatin' act, pretending to be all edgy and daring by slamming religion which is about as brave as offering to beat up toddlers. I was vaguely aware of him before and I looked into him for about 20 minutes when Stupy made his comment to see that I've seen it all before, many, many times.

      Stupes calls him "a kid". Considering the dope is about 45 years old, it's clear Stupy's idea of a "kid" is a lot like Trumps'. I attribute that to neither of them having much to do with actual young people and so anyone younger than they are seems young. I have a 95 year old friend who does that even with people in their seventh decade. Only she's a bit past it, though she's still got more marbles than Simps ever had.