Saturday, December 30, 2017

You Know, Duncan, If About Three of Your Regulars and One Of Your Banned Former Regulars (Though I think it's Simps' Sock) Weren't Trolling Me I Wouldn't Have Seen This

This is what Ducan Black has posted as his afternoon post today.

Saturday Discussion Topic
The Dems didn't have to lose (or lose so badly, at least) in 2010. They fucked up. Discuss.

As pathetic an excuse for a once considered up and coming lefty blogger to be reduced to . rehashing and re-whining about an election seven years and almost two months ago, it's made even more pathetic when I look at the Duncan Black archive for the fall of 2010 [You can see the whole thing at his blog, make sure your ad blocker is on before you do] and see nothing but discouragement and lazy-boy cynical fatalism mixed with whining about the Democrats in the upcoming elections.  Though they aren't up anymore, I remember the tone of the "Brain Trust's"comments back then and the were full of such stuff as slamming Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats.  It was a long time after your little fund raiser back in 2006 that got you that sort of, no-lines walk on by actor nod from The West Wing (I've grown to hate that show, though by then I think I already found it very annoying,)

It might be mildly amusing to hear Duncan tell us just what use his exercise is supposed to be today, on the edge of 2018.

Ducan, you should stop jumping sharks, you're too old to be playing sit-com kewl guys, even on blog.  Your glory days are so past that they're not even retro now.

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