Friday, December 29, 2017

Donald Trump Must Not Remain In The Presidency

Charles Pierce is right about one thing, the interview Michael Schmidt did with Donald Trump exposes, beyond any honest and reasonable doubt, that Donald Trump is severely mentally impaired.  He sees unmistakable signs of dementia, which he knows far too well from his own family, I see someone who may be demented but which I've assumed was due to drug use.  I guess you assume that what you see is based on what kinds of mental impairment has struck your family but that's secondary to the fact that Donald Trump is clearly and dangerously unfit to be president, the second mentally impaired, elderly president the Republican Party has foisted off onto the country in the past four decades.

He is incredibly dangerous in that position and I would not be surprised if he has not already done far more damage than we'll ever be told about.  I would bet you anything he's given away a lot to his puppet master, Putin, I wouldn't be surprised if we find out someday that Bannon or some of the other thugs he had around him didn't walk off with some of the treasures of the intelligence community.  And if they haven't yet, it's sure that that's only one of the huge dangers of having a demented president. 

It is also clear that the institutions of government, of the law, of the press have not protected us from the clear and present danger of having a mentally unstable and clearly demented man as president of the United States.   Those will not do anything until something terrible happens, perhaps not even when it's too late to prevent an enormous catastrophe. 

The next president you hear get up in front of a joint session of Congress, the Supremes who choose to attend, etc. and says "The State Of The Nation Is Sound" or anything like that will be lying, the state of the nation hasn't been sound for a long time but that sound you hear is the rocks we are about to hit.   Charles Pierce is right that the journalistic deficiencies of Michael Schmidt, not pressing Donald Trump in the face of his insane performance isn't what's most important, but, and you can look at the list that Pierce gives of his and other journalists mortal sins in the past, that is certainly what got us here.   Donald Trump is a creation of the free press - extended insanely as that is into electronic mass media, as is the fictional Hillary Clinton that people voted against.  They defeated the most tested, tried, investigated, competent and qualified candidate for the presidency in our history through decades of lies and they created and installed Donald Trump.  The tragic state of the nation is a product of the media, as I will never stop pointing out, none more so than the New York Times.  The least they can do is admit what their own reporter exposed in the interview, that Donald Trump is demented and must not be allowed to remain in office because he is dangerously unfit to be there.  He belongs in a dementia ward, not the White House.

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