Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Aristocratic, Child-Slave Raping, Slave-Owning Jefferson Isn't A Shield Against American Nazism

I have been asked why I haven't said anything about the Nazi rally at The University of Virginia, and, yes, they were shouting Nazi slogans, "Soil and blood", only one of them.  It was an overt Nazi rally and it's not over,  I'll have plenty to say about it for days to come.

One of the things I've read so far is the article in the Guardian which anyone who isn't a Nazi sympathizer would have to find disturbing, if the spectacle of a large Nazi rally at a major United States university in 2017 doesn't do more than trouble the minds of Americans to get them to actively AND EFFECTIVELY oppose and suppress Nazism, kiss your children then your own ass good-bye.

The rise of Nazism and its domesticated forms, promoted by Hollywood, it's long line of Confederate apologist lies and cover ups, going back to the beginning, through the 1980s fascist-chic and onward to its promotion of fascist and, lately, overtly Nazi content - called by other names, has been a huge warning sign for the past century.   There is everything to do with appearance of Confederate flags in popular culture, Iron Crosses, shamefully, the appropriation of the Celtic cross, the appropriation of Nazi pagan symbolism in the stupider and less informed parts of the not-so counter culture,.. and what happened in Charlottesville last night.

It is ironic enough so as to be bizarre that the outnumbered and beleaguered counter-protesters linked arms around a statue of Thomas Jefferson, who was a white-supremacist, slave holding, child slave raping aristocrat whose simplistic ideas of free speech and free press have left the United States peculiarly vulnerable to what has led to this rise in Nazism here, 72 years after my parents and their generation of young people brought down the Nazis in Germany, the Fascists in Italy and their allied military imperialists in Japan.  

It turns out that when you allow lies and hate free reign that those, financed by billionaires in the United States, in foreign countries, such as Russia, promoted in the media, online, that, just as in that list of countries above, it can be expected to, at the very least, lead to bloodshed and even total destruction of rights and egalitarian democracy.   Actually, you can go back in American history and the Confederacy to see that it can happen here, under the Bill of Rights, the United States Constitution and the rule of law. Not to mention the long night of Jim Crow, segregation, the murder of Native Americans, etc.  All of those happened under the First Amendment, "more speech" didn't prevent those things from happening.   It turns out that a theoretical and abstract absolutist dogmatic interpretation of the First Amendment DOES lead to the empowerment of the liars, the haters and those who are benefitted by lying and hating.  

Dumping the romanticized, deified, phony Jefferson through admitting that history, his and the countries, will be necessary to keeping it from happening here, again.   The slogans of free speech absolutism are as responsible for this as anything else.   Given this, I'd rather take a chance on the kind of broadcasting standards and requirements that held it at bay for a few decades than what has happened since the "civil liberties" industry got rid of those.

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