Tuesday, July 25, 2017

John McCain Burns The Last Shred Of His Honor

John McCain is supposed to rise from his sickbed to vote for whatever atrocity that Mitch McConnell proposes to take healthcare away from tens of millions of Americans and to prevent others from gaining to save their lives.

I think it's relevant to ask if John McCain has ever, in his life, had to depend on private insurance purchased with his own money, that might be denied to him on the basis of his own pre-existing conditions.   I can tell you that in most places, someone with his health history would probably find it difficult or impossible to have found insurance in the pre-ACA era. Though, perhaps, that is something he has no personal experience of. 

I don't see any reason to suspend that question in the case of John McCain, especially considering his last statement was that he was opposed to the kind of secret legislation that he has announced he will vote for today, before he knows what it says, before the Republican leadership in the Senate knows what it will say, probably before Mitch McConnell knows what it will say.   

John McCain disgusts me.  

Update:  "You copied Atrios".  Read it and weep, trollboy.  The timestamps show that my post was posted a minute before Duncan posted his.  I suspect mine took longer to type out, too.

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  1. He's always been a "maverick" who ends up voting in lockstep with the GOP leadership, no matter what.