Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hate Mail

It might have been more witty for "Skeptic Tank" to have called my state "Alabama with beavers" if Alabama didn't have beavers, only I guess he's too much of a sci-guy to have looked it up to find it out, first.   I forget, is he from New York?  That great, sophisticated state that gave the nation Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Peter King?  Not to mention dozens of others who could be mentioned.  Eschaton is the Kentucky of lefties, intellectual inbreeds without much in the way of mind power but with a parochial attitude they think makes up for it.  

I don't think anyone over there is more critical of my state than I am, the difference is I know what I'm talking about when I do it. 

Update:  Jeesh, you guys are so friggin' stupid.

North American Distribution of Castor Canadensis


  1. I'm betting they think the abbreviation of Maine is "MN," which is a nice way of summing up what they know about the state. My father is from Connecticut, and many people out west think him from Colorado.

    1. I've heard of people who think New Mexico is not a state, but the country.

      Takes all kinds.....

  2. The Judges would have accepted "Alabama with winters," or "Alabama with L.L. Bean."

    But beavers? Kinda like saying "without birds."