Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't Let Sleazy Little Jared Kushner Get Away With Lying

So, Jared Kushner is claiming he didn't know what the meeting with the Russians his brother-in-law, Trump jr. invited him to was about?   That is despite the contents of little Donald's e-mail invitation which said it was a meeting with a Russian government attorney who was bringing dirt on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign.  

I don't buy it for a second, nor will I believe that his testimony given today, NOT UNDER OATH, will be worth the spit that lubricates his lying tongue.   

About the only thing that is clear in this is that something illegal happened and they're coming up with alibis and excuses and evasions and smoke screens.  

I wouldn't trust anything that comes of of Kushner'\s mouth without both the possibility of him being charged with perjury and solid verification from independent sources.   Any Senate Committee which would agree to take testimony from someone like him without them being under oath is probably not conducting a credible investigation by choice of its leadership.  I'm a little surprised that the leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee would do that, that the ever more obviously sleazy Chuck Grassley would do it through the Judiciary Committee wouldn't surprise me at all. 

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  1. Actually, if you are under oath and the subject of a criminal investigation, you probably don't want to testify to Congress, since what you say there can be used in the investigation. So being under oath, he could simply refuse to answer any questions.

    OTOH, it's a crime to lie to Congress, oath or not; so the oath adds a layer, but not necessarily an essential layer. Besides, is this Congress really going to seek a perjury charge against Kushner? From the Sessions' DOJ?

    I expect Kushner to preach this round and square, because his evidence (not technically testimony) is in a closed hearing. That's why he released his 11 page statement, which actually does him no real good at all. His excuse for screwing up his security application is that he had poor clerical support and he "forgot" and he's still denying meetings with Russians that we know he had.

    The mills of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.