Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Am Challenged To...

I am challenged to express my sorrow on the death of George Romero, the initiator of the first amusing, now annoying zombie apocalypse craze.  I saw two of his movies, the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.  I thought Dawn was the more amusing, impressed that when I and two of my brothers entered the theater there was a distinct smell of vomit.  The opening scenes with their way, way, way over the top violence were so ridiculous, the cheezy tech effects so cheezy and gross that my brothers and I were laughing our heads off and people were staring at us.  It was a lot like the classic Charles Addams cartoon.

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But that was before zombie apocalypse became a genre and became annoying.  Since then the only part of it I have any regard for is Shaun of the Dead which I thought was a lot better than either of Romeros movies I saw. 

It seems a bit weird that I'm supposed to be upset about the death of Romero who made his fame and fortune on the topic of death and reanimated corpses.  Has anyone written on him now being eligible as an extra in the next zombie movie?   I think Romero would have appreciated that joke, by the way.  I'm sure Charles Addams would have.   

For all I know he was a swell guy,  I hope he was.   He wasn't a young man, 77.   I'm almost in that same age cohort. We tend to sort of, you know, die.    Considering your age I'm surprised that's a surprise to you. 

Update:  Well, maybe I'm not as sensitive as I was before I saw Dawn of the Dead.

I have a feeling that George Romero, able to see both sides of this exchange from the beyond, would have to find your pose of outrage rather hilarious.  


  1. The opening scene of the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake is terrific. The rest of the film not so much.

    'Shaun of the Dead' one of only two movies I've ever walked out of.

    The original film is good because the zombies are just the peripheral threat - the people are the real monsters.

    1. Really, I thought S o t D was hilarious.

      the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake

      There is a definite zombie apocalypse joke to be made about a Dawn of the Dead remake. Maybe the whole thing is a comment on Hollywood - Broadway remakes. Has anyone done The Musical yet?