Monday, July 17, 2017

Hate Update - "ELITIST!!!"

I'd much rather be guilty of figuring people were smart enough to know things and to look things up if they don't than to figure they were stupid.  I couldn't stand writing things if I assumed people reading it were stupid and lazy. I'd have to write stupid and boring stuff.  I'll leave that to guys like you.  As I told them over at Eschaton once, I'm such an elitist that I won't be satisfied until everyone has a chance to become elite.  I reject the idea that people are biologically doomed to be stupid and base and other crap such as the soc-sciences in their several biological determinist phases under Darwinism have held.  We're in the decadent phase of the latest of those starting in the mid-1970s.  Soc-sci fads have a shelf-life of several decades but they always come back, it's a lot like the fashion industry.  

Update:  But, there is the exception of Stupy to prove the rule.  

Simps, I gave you enough attention yesterday, like the pesticide treatment for bean beetles, I'm not making another application for at least seven days. 


  1. You know, it's the Republicans who think college is bad for you. Who are you getting hate mail from?

    1. I'd have to speculate, I assume it's someone from Baby Blue using a sock puppet. By the content I'd guess it wasn't from Simels.

    2. If it were Simels he'd use his pat phrase for that "perishing snob". It's a sign of snobbery to figure other people are smart, apparently.