Monday, February 6, 2017

You Reality Guys Really Can't Face Reality, Can You

On the contrary, I can give you an example where the deadly results of scientific amorality are in the news and of concern to even the most ga-ga of science worshiping atheists.  The scandals in the science establishment involved in drug, food and product testing for safety, the fraudulent results which allow the political establishment to license their marketing of extremely, even deadly drugs and products which, when people die, is as much science as anything else that gets that name.  And it is generally done with the full knowledge and intention of scientists whose greatest concern is their own well paid work, their position in the company or in the profession which is about as reliable at policing itself as any other profession.   Which is not reliable, at all. The scientists who do that work have degrees granted by the most secular of science departments at the most secular of universities, you can't possibly get out of it by claiming the are "pseudo-scientists" doing "pseudo-science" as it is the one and only entity which defines what is science and what isn't, the peer-review and alleged peer-review of their fellow scientists which has the power to make that distinction.  Bad science, accepted as science by scientists is science as much as bad religion, accepted as religion, can be rightly blamed on religion.  Only religion, not being in any sense monolithic, is more likely to include the criticism and rejection of those things than science does.  Much really bad science goes on to be applied in the real world for years or decades before any real review of it is done.

I think the pushing of GMO foods by the atheist-pseudo-skeptics cult in the United States and other English language countries is likely an example where someone is getting their palms greased to push untested science which is worth billions to some of our worst corporations.  That's something in which the objection is against the alleged methodology of science in real replication and review of claims, which the GMO pushers pooh-pooh as not needed because the order of scientists have given it their imprimatur already.

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