Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fascist America Five Weeks And Counting - And Why The Green Party Must Die

Anyone who thinks the first person to say "fascist" loses after watching the past month and more of Republican rule under the current Congress and Pretender Trump is a fatheaded quisling.   The Republican Party today, from the phony "moderate" Susan Collins to the most entirely degenerate member of a state legislature or county or local government and even lower to the internet trolls is a full-blown fascist party which is in the process of consolidating fascist rule in the United States, right now, in full view of the allegedly free press.
Only the press is free, as in every fascist regime, from Marxist-fascist to Nazi-fascist, the media has always been free to lie on behalf of those in power and our media created Trump and promoted the neo-confederate party allied with Mad Men corporatism which is installed in power, now.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and the entire ship of Republican-fascist thugs are in the process of destroying equality and with it egalitarian democracy.   None of this is news - its not news to most of our media because they decide what is news and they're not putting those inconvenient truths into the news anywhere near as much as it needs to be there.

I pointed out yesterday that the moronic Greens under the Republican enabling and obviously innumerate Dr. Jill Stein are still working their little corner of the racket, pretending to be the left when there's no left left, roping in enough rubes who, with the number of hard lessons given them in the hard school of the Bush II and now Trump regimes have to be considered ineducable.   The Greens are and have been enablers of installing the two entirely illegitimate Republican presidents given to us by their voter suppression, election rigging and the anti-democratic features embedded like poison needles in the Constitution.  Mix in the idiocies of such allegedly liberal reforms of the late 20th century such as easy ballot access by candidates who will never win an election but will be useful to Republicans in almost every case, and we have what brought us here today.  The opponents of fascism must destroy the Green Party which has enabled those two installations of a horrible and now a terrifying regime as the executive of the United States.

We are well on our way to a police state, with his assembly of the kind of fascist thugs that get elected to be sheriff in way too many places and his casual remark that he would destroy a state senator who one of the thugs complained was threatening their legalized theft under civil forfeiture was not Putinesque.  Putin would do it without saying he would. which might count as class among murderous dictators.  It's Stalinesque.   Luckily, the sheriff must have realized the political consequences of him naming the guy he whined about could be bad for him, he didn't name him.  Or maybe some vestigial moral impulses kicked in at that point and he didn't want the guys blood on him.  One thing we can be certain of, there are Trump youth and volunteer brownshirts who are an actual concern, who can be expected to actually target and kill people at worst, terrorize them and their families, certainly.

I think the first person I heard say "The first person to say 'fascist' loses" was on NPR it was one of the clever things that one of their old time regulars from the early days used to say to feel au courant in the milieu of the DC establishment they were part of.   I can remember thinking how convenient that would be for actual fascists, no doubt it was what the smart set were saying.  It would have been sometime in the 70s or early 80s as I stopped listening to All Things Considered after that.

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