Friday, February 10, 2017

Simels claims to know more about the Holocaust than the staff of the Holocaust Museum.  You've got to understand, he's fully qualified.  Simels once actually skimmed through Berlin Diary. Or says he did.  

Update:  Now Simps is saying he don't need none of that book larnin' 'cause he can feel his way into historical knowledge. Really, he did.  

Update 2: 'yeah, he said,  "Oh, and BTW, having read a book on Kent State does not qualify you to pontificate about it what it felt like to be a student at a liberal arts college the day of the massacre,"  which, when you take into account that Simps lies about everything and twists the rest to serve his lies means that no matter how many citations you back up what you said that none of it matters because he's filtered reality through his Simelsation of reality.  He's got so much more in common with Trump than he'd ever want anyone to notice, but I just did.  

Apparently this is fine with Duncan and the Brain Trusters because Simps always knows how to tailor a lie to his audience and pretty much anyone who cares about reality stopped going there about when NTodd, Phila, Tena and a number of the other fact based regulars of the past did.  As I said, I wasted time there after that which I regret.  


  1. I'll never forget the time he asserted he knew more about Kent State than I did because he went to school at the time, far away. Nevermind all the historical record I had available that went beyond his experience...

    1. His historical method, such as it is, isn't essentially different from that of Trump or Newt Gingrich. Lying taking the place of gathering evidence and depending on the prejudice of his audience and their willingness to believe it because they like it.

      I can't say that I didn't learn anything from the years of reading that kind of stuff on Baby Blue, I just regret that I stuck with it longer than those who left before I finally did. I left for quite a while after the 2008 nomination campaign turned really sexist and ugly there. I tried it again, for short periods after that but the thrill of c. 2005 was long gone.