Thursday, February 16, 2017

Simps is such an expert in Motown that he doesn't know the difference between the Supremes who I've never exactly been a big fan of and the great Martha and the Vandellas who I loved.  I guess to him they all look alike. 

Update:  And, look, I had to point that out to him a year and four months ago when the idiot made the same mistake.

Update:  How odd, Simels, I didn't recall and can't see in my archive that I've ever written about The Supremes, the girl group, not the criminals of the Supreme Court, I've written lots about them.   I don't recall writing anything about Diana Ross and the others.  I think you mean the several things I've written about Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.  I loved Martha and the Vandellas.  Was never big on the Supremes, neither the girl-group nor the old crooks in robes.  Apparently they're all the same to you.   Needless to say, as usual, you're wrong. 

Update 2:  I'm not wasting my time reminding you of anything Simps, you just lie no matter how many times someone points the truth out to you.  You and the guy who provides you a message board for your lies have so much more in common with Trump than you'd ever want anyone to notice.  Lying, mostly, stupidity, too. 

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