Sunday, February 12, 2017

Especially Stupid Hate Mail

Let me ask you, what part of me saying of HUAC and the FBI: 

- (they were) almost to a person, a total asshole
- The big difference is that HUAC, the FBI and others were assholes who SOMETIMES, quite often abused their power and office and, certainly, the money men were huge assholes, as well. 
- Some like J. Parnell Thomas* compounded their role as a total piece of shit as a member of congress with being a crook
- in far too few cases getting what was coming to them
and finished by saying of them
-  Look on the bright side, they might be in hell.

what part of that translates in idiotese as "supporting the McCarthyites".  

Like I said, after seeing how someone as smart as Kevin Drum said something so seriously stupid based on his reading of Duncan Black, I've got to conclude that paying attention to Eschaton is dangerous to your intelligence.   Thanks for the confirmation. 

*  Let me guess, you have no idea who J. Parnell Thomas was.  Look it up, I'm not spoon feeding conceited idiots, anymore. 

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