Saturday, February 25, 2017

I Wonder If Anyone Checked Last Nights Spell Casting Against some Randon Numbers Generators

It is a pity that the several atheists who troll me the most are uniformly idiots who won't read anything that's complex and, with an exception or two, are entirely innumerate (one doesn't seem to quite understand how time works, as well).  Most of all, they won't read anything that might shake their stodgy, moldy 19th century atheist faith.   It's a pity because, apropos of the Witches casting a binding spell on Donald Trump, there is scientific research that indicates that organized group meditation towards a similar goal can have an effect on physical phenomena.  From the conclusions:

Our predictions for the meditation data, yogic flying and Vedic observatory data were significantly supported and were in the predicted direction. Our work adds to the premise that certain activities that foster transcendental experiences(Alexander & Langer, 1990; Mason et al, 1997; Orme-Johnson et al., 1988; Travis et al, 2002) may reflect a more decreasing directional trend (increased proportion of zeros) in RNG outputs. Alternative explanations do not clearly account for the observed results. The results were still significant even after controlling for a possible cumulative drift of the mean from an unknown source. 

To our knowledge this is the first experiment with specific predictions for the direction of a mean shift, and it involves the largest number of synchronized meditations recorded with a local RNG on site. Having a population doing a standardized mental technique on a regular basis is advantageous in studying various aspects of the phenomenon. Further research appears warranted to explore group meditation as a venue for anomalous results with the RNG. Future research could test the direction of the results, distance effects from the group, possible lag or entrainment effects, experimenter effect, non-xoring data techniques, group size effects, number of RNGs and possible auxiliary factors. Theoretical questions could include a continued inquiry (Hagelin, 1987; Nader, 2000; Nelson, 2002d; Radin, 2002; Routt, 2005) as to whether or not consciousness is a causal factor.

What is the possible practical contributions and application of this research? It is conceivable that RNGs could be used to indicate directional changes in a proposed global collective consciousness. Just as changes in seismic meters are used to detect high and low indications of impending earthquakes, RNG outputs could warn us of changes in collective consciousness while considering any anticipatory effects. RNGs could also be employed to evaluate preventive and ameliorative measures that utilize collective consciousness. For example, the RNG could evaluate the efficacy of various technologies from many traditions , including group meditations to reduce collective stress in global consciousnessin order to prevent and reduce local and global tragedies.

"RNG" stands for random numbers generator. 

Reading through the paper, much of which I will admit I didn't more than understand generally, especially the technical discussion of random number generator functioning, it is impressive how much more carefully planned and controlled and corrected for possible, not even demonstrated but possible problems influencing the results such studies are than your typical published study in psychology or sociology or, as the report from Nature I wrote about the other day, even some physiological studies that are published and extended into such nonsense in the pop press. 

But what will drive the materialists up a wall is that even when their objections are accounted for, the results achieve statistical significance, in some cases a very high level of statistical significance.  And, far more impressive than the pseudo-skeptical, atheist ideological response to this, even within the report of the results, the researchers are open to exploring the possibility of alternative explanations whereas the atheists will never, ever do that because it would shake their religious faith. 

I will point out that there is also quite interesting research on the apparent effect of massively watched or listened to events, such as delivering the verdict in the OJ case, which also records a statistically significant difference in the functioning of random numbers generators.  But I wanted to address intentional conscious activities as possibly having an effect on the physical world.  

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