Friday, February 24, 2017

I Like That, Maybe I'll Make It My New Motto

The Tree of Democracy Needs To Be Fed From Time To Time With The Ashes of Inequality 


  1. "Sexual Libertinism Is All About The Exercise of Unequal Power*"

    Got it. Therefore, if you think there might be some literary merit in some of DeSade, you're a moral monster. I.e., no different than a president who enjoys grabbing women by the p***sy.

    Thanks for playing.

    1. A. Unlike you, I've read deSade, B. It's shit, C. While I love literature - having, unlike you, again, read some - I like egalitarian democracy more. D. If burning every last copy of de Sade would end sexual oppression I'd strike the match and consider it the best match I'd ever struck.

      If you can read his stuff and not see the connection between that and the Republican-fascist practice of wanting to use people as objects you are as stupid as a Simels.