Sunday, February 19, 2017

Duncan Black's Alternative Facts Blog

If there were a reasonable expectation of me being able to sue Duncan Black and Steve Simels for libeling me as a "Holocaust denier" I would do it and I would prevail because anyone who has ever read what I wrote would know I've never done anything but supported the absolute fact that the Nazis murdered an estimated six-million Jews in an attempt to eliminate Jews from the human population.  I have never questioned any aspect of that, I have repeatedly called out Holocaust deniers such as David Irving, Kevin MacDonald, and the less genteel Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis going back to some of the first things I ever wrote online.   Duncan Black knows that his blog is used to libel me with that term, he has done absolutely nothing to stop one one of the guys who makes that accusation on his blog with the regularity of a laxative addict.

If you put my archived blog posts up touching on the Holocaust against those of Duncan Black* or Steve Simels it would show that I've written massively more about the Holocaust and the wider context of mass murders by the Nazis, the people such as Eugen Fischer one of the architects of the scientific basis of the Holocaust, who was guilty of genocide more than a decade before the Nazi Party was formed, and the entire phenomenon of Darwinian eugenics which was the theoretical basis of the Nazi genocides.  I have also written extensively on the assertions of those bases of genocide and the continuing danger that comes from them.

If I could sue Duncan Black for sponsoring such a serious and obvious lie made against me I would do it.  I can't, but I can point it out whenever it happens.

* Apparently, at least this morning, it's not possible to even access Duncan's archive, never mind do a word search of it.   Maybe Duncan would like to do a link to all of his posts about the Holocaust so we could see.

Update:  Oh, and let me point out that the results of the word search "Holocaust" at Steve Simels blog includes several posts which were written, not by Simels, but by NY Mary.

Update 2:  Why in the world should I have a good opinion of the man who knowingly carries serious libels made against me most weeks of the year?   As far as I'm concerned Duncan Black is a jerk whose blogging career has done its part to make the truth optional in the United States.  Lies are lies and liars are liars, as far as I'm concerned Duncan Black may as well be saying what he allows on his blog.  It's not as if this hasn't been pointed out to the snotty asshole over and over again.

Update 3:  Simps, I don't believe it's ever been tested in court whether or not a blog commentator could be sued for libel, just if the owner of the blog could.  And I'm not even certain, since he does block people whose comments he doesn't like if boy Duncan would fall under the exemption.   If I thought you had deep enough pockets to make it worth my while, I might be interested in testing that point.

You know, Gawker could have avoided that lawsuit they lost so spectacularly if they had fact checked what they published.  I hate Peter Thiel but if they hadn't lied they wouldn't have given him a tool to use against them.


  1. Eschaton exists in order to be a forum for comments; that's the only excuse for its existence it has ever had.

    Most internet sites are the same, else they wouldn't bother with comments sections. Of course, they monitor those comments and remove the libelous and racist ones (as well as the commercial ones). Or they just stop running comments, because of the trolls.

    My days at Eschaton are a dim memory. Nothing but trolls there. Then again, maybe we were all trolls, too. There's a certain point where "troll" is just a matter of perspective. But the people left there? All I can say is: thank goodness they stay there; it makes it easier to avoid them.

    1. In the first few years there were substantial discussions among the troll scat. When I looked at that old post from "Philosopraptor" I realized it was the same year I'd cut way back on going there when I started blogging because I just wasn't getting any of what had been there. I stopped going there at all in 2008 because of the sexism of the anti-Hillary boys and gals. I went back a few times until Duncan banned me (the same day I'd said I was done with it) in 2012. I'm kind of ashamed it took me that long to give up the habit.

      If Simels, JR-Freki, Skeptic-tank Erin and a few others, including, apparently "ql" didn't mention me there, I doubt I'd have ever written about it after that. If they didn't from today on, I can assure Duncan I'd never mention him or his blog unless someone like Kevin Drum agreeing with some stupid thing he said compelled me to. Considering how little he says, there's a good chance that wouldn't ever happen, again.