Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Putin Sells Us More Puppet Strings To Hang Ourselves With

While it is satisfying to see Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romeny and others who might have wanted to be Trump's Secretary of State bypassed in favor of  Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil CEO - partner of the Russian Oligarchy, that he is certainly the choice of Trump's puppet master, Vladimir Putin more than makes up for the comeuppance those knaves and that most hypocritical fool got.  

The extent to which Putin is in control is becoming more obvious with every week.  The extent to which our political, legal and, most of all, journalistic institutions have just stood by for this is shocking, though it is a shock that is smoothed over in the conventions of all those institutions and the public disinformation system that replaced news long ago.  None of those are proving sufficient to protect the country, some of them, especially the media, are in on the sell out and sell off of the country.  

Khrushchev was wrong about most things but he got the corruption that was already in place in the American system right.  It took the post-Marxist, post-KGB apparatchik, Putin to sell the American People his puppet, and he had to rely on the help of our Founding Fathers and their democracy-prevention provisions, but we are buying the rope to hang ourselves with from the neo-Soviets.  Only they're puppet strings. 

Update:  While theirs has its faults and they have had their share of bad Prime Ministers and governments, I often envy the Canadians over their Constitution, a modern document that benefited from the lessons of the modern-democratic period.  Our Constitution which has produced this Trumping of democracy has been obviously flawed from the start but it has never been able to be reformed to get rid of some of its most basic anti-democratic provisions due to the enabling of regional, factional and economic interests built into it by intention.  The worship of it, taught by our idiotic pop-culture and phonied up history is a false religion.   Even the current Hamilton cult is part of that nonsense, even as its cast members spoke up to Pence. 

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